Top 5 Items for Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist in Brevard County, FL

Top 5 Items for Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist in Brevard County, FL

With miles of stunning Atlantic coastline, Brevard County can be a lucrative place to own property. A good location alone is not enough to secure tenants at your vacation rental, however. You need a clean and appealing property, too.

Read on to learn the top five items you need on your vacation rental cleaning checklist!

1. Kitchen

When it comes to rental property cleaning tips, focusing on the kitchen is the biggest one. A kitchen is a communal gathering point and the place where people will cook. It needs to be spotless so your guests feel comfortable.

Wipe out your fridge and freezer, and don't forget about the microwave. Clean your coffeemaker and replenish complementary foods you have on hand for guests. And disinfect countertops, sinks, and stoves.

2. Bathroom

Cleaning protocols for rentals involve sanitizing all bathrooms. Glistening clean bathrooms will impress guests and make them more likely to book another vacation or give you a good review.

Disinfect showers and sinks to remove germs, soap scum, and mold. Similarly, clean your toilet bowl and seat and replace the toilet brush. Mop the floors and make sure there's enough toilet paper and fresh hand towels.

Don't forget about vanity mirrors and glass shower doors, either. Add a fragrant sachet and some decorative beachy items to complete the bathroom refresh.

3. Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be clean and inviting for guests. Vacuum floors and clean windows to brighten the room. Wipe down baseboards and dust all furniture.

Vacation rental maintenance also includes changing linens in bedrooms. Make the bed and add a few fun throw pillows and blankets. Add a note with the Wifi password and include a few snacks on the dresser as a welcoming gesture.

4. Common Areas

At peak season, common areas will be hit hard. Make sure to clean television remotes and light switches to keep germs at bay. Also, wipe down blinds, scuffed walls, and wall decor to keep everything feeling fresh.

Upholstered fabric on furniture could have tears or stains. Mend tears and treat stains. You may even want to steam-clean furniture to avoid lingering odors or discoloration.

5. Outdoor Spaces

Finally, don't overlook the outdoor gathering spots, like decks and patios, when maintaining vacation rentals. These are the spaces that can make or break a vacation rental experience. They'll likely accumulate dirt, sand, and other debris when guests use them.

Wipe down furniture and powerwash decks. Clean tabletops and grills, and make sure plantings are watered. If you have a pool or hot tub, service those, as well, so they are sanitary to use.

Make a Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

A good vacation rental cleaning checklist has the kitchen and bathrooms as top priorities. You'll want to attend to bedrooms and common spaces. Tackle outdoor gathering points, too, so they look fresh and inviting.

At PMI Brevard, we can handle everything from financial work to cleaning to make your property shine. Our full-service property management expertise ensures you'll get the most from your investment. Contact us today to learn more!