Screening Guests for Your Vacation Rental: Dos and Don'ts

Screening Guests for Your Vacation Rental: Dos and Don'ts

In the United States, the short-term rental market has become very competitive. Recently, the demand for vacation rentals increased by 16%, even though the number of listings hasn't improved.

Owning short-term rentals is a great way to earn extra income, but it can become costly if you lease your unit to the wrong person. With a higher demand for vacation rentals, you only know who you're renting to if you start screening applicants.

Screening guests for vacation rentals means you better understand who you're entrusting your property to. A thorough tenant screening process will pick up any previous adverse history your holiday applicant may have.

Luckily, you should follow a few do's and don'ts to make the process smoother. Keep reading to learn more so you can up your rental booking game.

Do: Gather Critical Information

When screening guests for vacation rentals, you must collect the relevant documentation. For instance, you want a valid copy of the prospective guest's ID or driver's license to know to whom you're renting your vacation property.

You should also collect information about their Florida vacation. For example, where they come from, how long they are staying, their reason for visiting, etc.

Another essential bit of information is the payment method they're using. If you have a preferred way you want guests to pay for their accommodation, let them know so there are no delays.

Do: Speak to Prospective Guests

Another essential part of screening guests for your vacation property in Florida is speaking to prospective guests. Communicating through email or text messages works well, but when you talk to someone, you can better understand their personality.

Having a personalized conversation with prospective vacationers also allows you to start building a good relationship from the beginning. This can mean guests may try to return for a second vacation if they liked how the first vacation went.

Don't: Ignore Red Flags

When screening guests for vacation rentals, another crucial factor not to overlook is red flags. Red flags are signs that indicate a potential guest may be a problem during their stay. Some examples of red flags to watch out for are:

  • Guests making late payments (deposit, etc.)
  • Guests trying to renegotiate your rental terms
  • Guests not responding to your inquiries
  • Guests who ask a million questions before booking

Avoiding guests that appear high-maintenance can save you a lot of headaches later. High-maintenance guests are often more hassle than they're worth, so trust your gut.

Screening Guests for Vacation Rentals: Explained

Screening guests for vacation rentals is vital in ensuring your property is in good hands. Following the dos and don'ts listed in this article can avoid potential problems and ensure your guests have a positive experience. Failing to do so can leave you with guests who are more trouble than they're paying for your Florida vacation home.

If managing your short-term rentals has become more of a bother and is taking up your precious time, contact us today. Our experts are waiting to assist you with your Indian Harbour Beach investment properties.