Beach Vacation Rental Ideas: Creating a Coastal Paradise in Brevard County

Beach Vacation Rental Ideas: Creating a Coastal Paradise in Brevard County

Around 21% of Americans plan to hit the coast this summer, so owners should prepare their vacation homes pronto.

Creating a beach getaway is essential for keeping your property filled during peak season and earning a decent profit. But if you're not confident flexing your interior design skills, you may not know where to start.

Sounds like your situation? Don't fret, you've come to the right place. Here are our top beach vacation rental ideas.

Pay Homage to Your Location

You've likely been mesmerized by the decor in an Airbnb rental when it reflects the area.

As your vacation property sits on a sweeping coastline, embrace the maritime theme by hanging photos of the beach or dotting nautical-inspired decor around the property.

Further, invite your guests to have fun by the beach. You could provide buckets or spades, a firepit, and lightweight folding chairs as it shows that you value your guests.

Choose the Right Materials

Because your vacation property is on the beach, choose furniture and rugs that can withstand sand, sun, and sunscreen. Sure, it's tempting to buy cheaper alternatives, but this won't withstand multiple seasons. A good rule of thumb is choosing durable materials like teak and rattan.

Add Greenery

Although adding houseplants requires TLC, it creates a soothing environment for guests. Make sure you choose native plants, so visitors feel more connected with the local area and experience a great first impression. For instance, bamboo palm and spider plants are low maintenance, perfect for a vacation home.

Choose a Neutral Palette

Like with any short-term rental, avoid painting the property a bold color. Instead, go with a neutral palette to open up the space and allow guests to focus on the finer details of the accommodation. If you want to add a splash of color, paint an accent wall or hang wall art for a cozy feel.

Focus on Easy-to-Replace Details

Don't fill your vacation property with family heirlooms or valuables because, inevitably, accidents happen.

Decor and items may break or get lost, so be mindful of what you decorate every room with. For a solid foundation, invest in replaceable coffee mugs, quality linens, and basic glassware for guests. An added bonus is that visitors will appreciate the small touches that make them comfortable.

Keep It Simple

As a vacation host, it's tempting to add your flair to the property, but this isn't a good idea. Opt for a good layout so that it's easy for guests to move around, especially in the living room or kitchen.

To avoid clutter, find a statement piece for each room to tie everything together. For instance, throw down an antique rug or install a vintage light fixture for the wow factor.

Elevate Your Beach Vacation Rental Today

Now that you have an idea for your beach vacation rental, it's time to show off your creativity skills.

At PMI Brevard, we have 20 years of experience working with landlords and short-term vacation rentals. Thanks to understanding the market, we will make sure your beach property attracts quality tenants.

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